Monday, July 6, 2009

Wrecking Update 1

Once upon a time, I picked up Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith. I worked on the book some with a fellow friend and wrecker. The book got put away due to not having much time or dedication to being creative as I was burnt out. Now I have picked the book back up in the last couple of months after finding a blog group that was dedicating their summer to go through the book. There's a handy link to that.

So here I am now.. making my way through the book, even going back through some pages I had done my first go around. Now my book is getting wonderfully worn in and is really starting to take a beating.

I still have several pages to do, but the book is always a work in progress.

So far the most destructive thing I have done was A: shoot the ""Throw something, a pencil, a ball dipped in paint" page with a paintball gun.. This provided way better results than I was expecting. Not only was the "Throw something" page good and ripped up, so was SEVERAL other pages close by. The pages were soaked in the oily paint matter the balls splattered thus leaving the pages a darker hue as if stained with tea. And they no longer like tape.. so all the pages were patched together with some wild stapling!!

The Next destructive thing was having my brother take aim with a 45 handgun.. and much destruction that had indeed!

There are now wonderful vent holes through all the pages front to back..

For more photo fun: