Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fear and Creative Spaces: Opportunity

Yesterday I listened to a wonderful interview over at Dirty Footprints blog that was focus on the fear we as creative people face. This interview was held with Chris Zydel from Creative Juices Arts.

I know a that like me, many of us out there probably have a stack of blank journals, waiting for our creative selves to be places on the pure pages.. yet, we don't seem to value ourselves or our work enough to push past a fear of tarnishing these prestine pages.

This past weekend I actually rearranged an entire room in my home. What does this have to do with anything you ask? Well this room is now entirely dedicated as a creative space. The extra bed that had been set up in that room for nearly a year, never having been used even once, was removed... and in its place is a new(used) dining table to serve as my workspace.

The small closet is packed full of creative notions for me to drag out when I so choose to do so.. one wall has a desk with the computer, scanner, printer set up. I tend to reference things while I work.. I like to look things up..

There is a TV for entertainment purposes if need be as well.

But most importantly.. it is a space I can go in knowing I am free to make a mess(willing I don't destroy the carpet!! lol).. I can pull out my paints, markers, papers, glues and glitters..

This space allows me to let go of some of that fear that was discussed in the eariler mentioned interview. What is it about surrounding yourself with OPPORTUNITY that allows a new door to open?

I used to have a little corner, or would take over the dining room with my crafts.. but I always felt so confined.. I would prohibit myself from bringing out extra supplies because of having to lug everything back to storage..

This little change has made a big difference in the way I have felt the last couple of days.

As far as the fear goes.. I opened a page in my journal last night, (well actually my Wreck This Journal(Keri Smith) because I am trying to fill it), and I just started with whatever felt right at the moment.

I started with glueing down some wooden scraps from another project... flower shapes they formed.. a couple of frames with triangles at the corners.. the page got a splash of teal blue painted on in circles instead of streaks... the flowers got a coat of hot pink and then were outlined in pink as well.. the flowers got white added to them, then yellow... the inside background of the frames called for yellow and orange swirled together... I added a tap transfer I had been saving(for WHAT though??)... then some white dots on the border... some white waves going from corner to corner... mix some teal...add some glitter here.. here.. and here..


I followed these directions as they poured out of me and ended up with a piece I was rather content with.. though that wasn't the point. The point was I heard from my inner self.. my creative spirit I felt I had lost..

and I loved it...

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