Friday, July 17, 2009

Continue Wreck It

So I've noticed I'm extremely attached to my journal. I left it at home for a day while I went to work and I was extremely disappointed all day that it wasn't with it. Even if I don't get to work on it, I feel a sense of companionship just by having it by my side. I like having it there for those lil bursts of creative moments, its just better than having to use a napkin to doodle on.

I'm a little sad that I'm almost to the end of the journey, only a few bare pages are left. I wonder what it will feel like once it is complete. Will it feel like a part of me is missing? Or will it feel like a part of me is complete and satisfied? We wait to see.

I flip through the book and see that some of the easier tasks haven't been accomplished yet. I.E. Paper Chain, Colorful Candy, Paper funnel. I wonder why I have tackled the tougher items first, the more destructive items, yet it is hard to get the inspiration to get the smaller tasks completed.

Before I sign out for today. I wanted to shout a big thankyou to DirtyFootPrints (Connie) for choosing me for her "Super Fun" Award. I'm proud to have inspired someone through this process as so many have done for me. Check out her blog entry here .

Thanks everyone and look forward to seeing everyone's work below are a few of my recent pages. The rest are posted in on my flickr thing.

I decided to decorate a Cut Through Several Layers page.. reminds me of a time warp.. I knew I wasn't going to be satisfied with just writing on the page so I did a bold background. It is supposed to say: "An artist can not fail; it is a success to be one." A quote by Charles Horton Cooley.
So long ago I drew on the page with glue, that's what the eye is.. and me and blank pages just don't get along. So color splash and more squirls.This is me filling in a blank page. Another quote: "Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair... ~Susan Polis Shutz"

Lookie here, another blank page I filled in. I sense a theme. LOL. And yes, another quote. "If nothing ever changed there would be no butterflies".
working on candy page... ew..
Doodle on a blank page. Ok.. Maybe a BIG doodle. lol


  1. I feel just the same. I like how it feels and smells and I like to touch the pages all the time.
    All around the day I'm changing here a little bit and there a little bit, taking it into the garden or on a walk. Very nice.
    so I'm happy, my daughter has neglected her journal, so I can do a second one.
    The cover is so perfect and the pages too, you can do anything what you want, they are strong enough. Amazing!

  2. Oh my, your candy page is divinely disgusting and colorful. You are so artistic, your journal is delightful through and through, and I agree about the time-warp effect.

    Wonderful work, I can see why you won an award!

  3. JUST WENT through the pages at flickr - wow. Connie was totally on target. Great and inspiring wrecking. espcially LOVE the FOUR letter WORD spread.

  4. awesome, just completely awesome//one question.. does the candy stick to the opposite page?

  5. your pages are pretty! and congrats for your award!

  6. Oooh, I love the richness of your pages - so full and delicious. And speaking of delicious - that candy page kicks!

    I know what you mean about coming to the end. I'm already wondering whether I'll keep working through this journal, changing it, morphing it, adding and wrecking. Or maybe whether I'll buy a new WTJ and have a new adventure. Or maybe a new one in the new year. Or... wow, the possibilities are endless! I wonder what we'll decide :)

  7. The color, the patterns and most of all, the LOLLIES ... just simply gorgeous! Great wreck work! :)

  8. Congrats on the award! Your journal is indeed colorfully fun, giddy even! Love the candy page especially this week. :)

  9. Well deserved award - you've really done some great stuff. That last doodle must have take HOURS!! I'll be missing reading up what everyone has been doing when we finish. I've still got quite a bit of wrecking to do though - a quiet week for me though I was creative elsewhere so that's OK!

  10. Thank you to you all for the wonderful words.. it was so much fun working along side of you all during this process!

  11. Your pages are fabulous - the doodle page is mind blowing!! So intricate! But, the page that really speaks to me this week is the butterfly page. Great quote - thanks for sharing that. A well deserved award!!!

  12. You've been very artistic with your wrecking. Love it!

  13. Oooh! Your butterfly page is beautiful! What a nice quote on that one, too. Great wrecking!